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Studiopro is an independent production company providing pre-production, production and location services to movie and TV productions. We have extensive connections with major industry players, including filmmakers, financiers, producers etc. We are active primarily in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa, offering an extensive range of services to our valued clients.

Our client list includes broadcasters, independent movie producers, major studios, and advertising agencies. Our highly experienced and professional team members assist our clients in all facets of the pre-production and production process, including scouting for locations, budgeting, casting, crewing up, equipping, and more.

In addition to our extensive pre-production and production services for our varied client base, we specialize in documentary productions, particularly those that tell motivating human interest stories of local individuals.


Studiopro's dynamic team is comprised of a mix of experienced professionals hailing from a diversity of backgrounds. Our in-house team consists of project managers, producers, coordinators, budget planners, location scouts, HR managers, logistics professionals, and more.

We work closely with a range of associate service providers including production designers, sound recordists, cinematographers, camera crew, lighting experts, riggers, props & wardrobe managers, makeup artists, set designers, CGI professionals, soundtrack composers, and many more, with whom we work on a regular basis. We cater to our clients' production requirements, providing a comprehensive, all-inclusive service experience.


Studiopro is proud to offer an extensive array of production services and solutions to a varied client base.
We tailor our service package to the precise requirements of each client, suited exactly to the scope and scale of their project.

Among the range of services we provide:

Location scouting services

These can include urban locales, private homes, office complexes, industrial and commercial settings, deserts, places of natural beauty including mountains, lakesides, beaches, public parks, and more; whatever your production requires, we'll find it for you.

Planning, scheduling and budgeting

Studiopro's professionals are well versed in tailoring production projects to our clients' schedules and budgets; we plan productions down to the smallest detail. We'll make sure to provide a production package suited to your requirements and your pocket.

Permits and liaising with authorities

We deal with all the necessary shooting permits and related regulatory issues, and when necessary arrange for assistance from the relevant authorities during producton such as directing traffic etc.

Comprehensive production management

We offer an all-inclusive production package, covering all the facets of your production. Our project managers and production experts will work hand in hand with you, planning and managing your production, from scheduling and budgeting, to crewing up, casting, setting up, hiring equipment, and all the myriad issues involved in the filmmaking process. We'll make sure that everything runs smoothly, on schedule and on budget.

Production crew

We're proud of our extensive international network of production professionals who are available at short notice to crew up your next project. Whether you require camera and sound crews, wardrobe or makeup artists, or any of the other many talents needed to make your production run like clockwork, we have the industry connections to make it happen.

Documentary production

We specialize in producing independent documentaries, concentrating mainly on human interest stories about local individuals. The Studiopro team work diligently to find motivating individuals and to use their talents to turn life stories into compelling cinematic documents.

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